API that allows estate agents to do much more with their property listings on CPD.
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CPD Web Services are programmable APIs that allow estate agents to do much more with their property listings on CPD.

To make use of our API, you will need to obtain an application token from CPD, then proceed to our API documentation, which includes introductory information, some simple examples and reference documentation. Please contact support@cpd.co.uk to request your application token.

Developers - please note that we have a publicly-available WordPress plugin which provides a simple wrapper layer for the API. We use in several of our client's themes to provide their site with search functionality. It contains some fairly simple (production) PHP/JS code and classes that should help explain the main functionality of the API, and may be freely re-used or refactored into your own preferred/required development environment as you see fit.

We hope the API is simple and complete enough to provide the necessary functionality for your needs. Please feel free to contact our technical support team should you have any suggestions for improvement, feedback, questions or other issues regarding the development of your applications for our API.

Empowers Commercial Property Agents:

  • UK Nationwide 'Property search' feature on estate agent's own website.
  • Write Apps for using mobile device's GPS position to search for properties.
  • Write 'portfolio import/export' scripts, facilitating bulk data transactions to/from third-party propertydatabase systems.
  • In-house IT system automatically synchronised with changes made on CPD's database (one-way or two-way real-time sync).
  • To provide the foundations for development of a new generation of property management apps, designed to help estate agents manage their data on and off-line, in and out of the office, using tablet devices and smart phones.
  • Produce management reports, such market movement, valuation and reports for specific areas, market sectors and other criteria.