Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Everyone at CPD wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Our offices will be closed from 20th December 2017 until 2nd January 2018 inclusive, however the database will still be operational.

Should you experience any problems during this period please email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

New Facilities have been released

We have now added several new facilities:

Send & Receive Requirements to and from other agents
Search properties by Rent per sq ft(m)
New options when adding properties to the clipboard, to make reporting easier

We are now offering most, if not all, of the available commercial property search  facilities 
available via much more expensive providers, but in a more user friendly environment. 

We are also able offer agents a white label version of our database and of the notifications sent 
from one agent to another. 

Using our white label version of the database would appear in the agents colours with their logo, and therefore would allow the agent to use the database, when with 
client without the client being aware that the agent is using an outsourced database. For more information please email

There is now no reason to pay £20 a property or thousands of pounds a year to interact with your fellow agents and Commercial property professionals.

Members area release 1.1.8

Requirement announcements feature release.

  • Enable ‘announcements’ tab in requirement detail.
  • Fix regression where sizes shown with decimal places (refs #4184).
  • Ensure link in requirement notification takes user to specified requirement (refs #3662).
  • Various other minor bug-fixes and cosmetic tweaks.

REST API release 1.2.6

Minor bug fix release.

  • Fix regression in format of ‘contactlinks’ attribute (#4192).
  • Various minor bug fixes and internal enhancements.

Members area release 1.1.7

Requirement announcements feature release.

  • Various improvements to clipboard functionality (#4078).
  • Various changes to allow non-members to better use and review the system.
  • Update rent/premium fields to enforce numeric inputs.
  • Fix for new rateable value field not sticking on update (#4032).
  • Many other bug fixes, usability and cosmetic tweaks.

REST API release 1.2.5

Minor bugfix release.

  • Calculate property rent field from floors data where available (refs #4160).
  • Add ability to batch add clipboard results (refs #4128).
  • Stop passing deprecated rent fields out in results (refs #4077).
  • Reindex agents properties asynchronously, to avoid locking UI (refs #4118).
  • Provide blank as default for requirement description (refs #4115).
  • Add new event types.

REST API release 1.2.4

Minor database schema update release.

  • Replace legacy ‘rent’, ‘premium’, ‘price’, ‘ratesPayable’ and ‘rateableValue’ attributes with currency type-specific equivalents (refs #4096).

Please note that replacements attributes have been added to all property details in this release with a ‘_gbp’ field name suffix to clarify the content. All API add/update operations are now expecting and providing the new attributes. The old attributes will be supplied in the output for a few more releases to allow third-party developers a chance to update their code. Specific replacements:

  • ‘rent’ is now ‘rent_gbp’
  • ‘price’ is now ‘price_gbp’
  • ‘premium’ is now’premium_gbp’
  • ‘rateableValue’ is now ‘rateable_value_gbp’
  • ‘ratesPayable’ is now ‘rates_payable_gbp’

REST API release 1.2.3

Incremental feature release.

  • Add ability for agent to withhold their properties from public searches (refs #4037).
  • Add ‘DatasourceID’ and ‘DatasourceRef’ search criteria (refs #3993).
  • Fix for 500 ISE when specifying ‘UpdatedHours’ as string in criteria.
  • Various other internal tidy-ups and improvements.

REST API release 1.2.2

Minor bugfix release.

  • Handle register check submissions asynchronously¬†(refs #4130).
  • Back off on failure to submit events to handlers (refs #3974).
  • Add attribute to sectors to allow sort order to be defined (refs #3067).

REST API release 1.2.1

Minor bugfix and postcode prefix criteria release.

  • Accept an array of postcode prefixes (refs #2380).
  • Fix for triggering of ‘UserLogour’ event (refs #3976).
  • Fix for broken end year in report request (refs #3968).
  • Simplify structure of persistent media storage.
  • Pass timestamp through in event message.