REST API release 1.2.2

Minor bugfix release.

  • Handle register check submissions asynchronously (refs #4130).
  • Back off on failure to submit events to handlers (refs #3974).
  • Add attribute to sectors to allow sort order to be defined (refs #3067).

REST API release 1.2.1

Minor bugfix and postcode prefix criteria release.

  • Accept an array of postcode prefixes (refs #2380).
  • Fix for triggering of ‘UserLogour’ event (refs #3976).
  • Fix for broken end year in report request (refs #3968).
  • Simplify structure of persistent media storage.
  • Pass timestamp through in event message.

REST API release 1.2.0

Events feature and bugfix release.

  • Add system and agent events and handlers (refs #3963).
  • Fix for portal area maps being cleared down unexpectedly (refs #3144).
  • Fixes to selection of sectors in portal properties report (refs #3966).
  • Remove the need for passing ‘X-CPD-Context’ headers in visitor API requests.
  • Fix for missing archive results in main search (refs #3766).

Members area release 1.1.6

Minor bug fix release.

  • Labels not bound to controls in forms (refs #3937).
  • Fix for HTML showing in popover tooltip (refs #3935).
  • Fix infinite loop caused by field check of floor type (refs #3933).
  • Add show tooltips option to preferences (refs #3162).
  • Fixes for behaviour of ‘save’ button while managing speciality preferences (refs #3588).
  • Fix for removing a speciality criteria (refs #3644).
  • Fix for issues with postcode being retained in search forms (refs #3641).
  • Minor styling fixes.

Members area release 1.1.4

Minor feature release.

  • Add options to view recent visitors activity (refs #3038).
  • Add show tooltips option to preferences (refs #3162).
  • Minor styling fixes.

REST API release 1.0.23

Bugfix and minor feature release.

  • Pass ‘brochure_url’ field out in property search results (refs #3173).
  • Add ‘medialinks’ to property history list output (refs #3171).
  • Add propref to subject line of media request e-mails (refs #3183).
  • Fix for date arithmetic error in token expiry reminders.
  • Various updates to our Feeds API.

Members area release 1.1.3

Minor feature release.

  • Fix issue with map marker clustering using non-https assets (refs #3198).
  • Add option to delete all clipboard entries (refs #3175).
  • Add more detail to recent visitors list widget (refs #3182).
  • Improve map selection tool icons.
  • Internal re-factoring of property search code.
  • Various other cosmetic fixes and tidy-ups.