General Questions

What kind of coverage of the UK commercial property market does CPD have?

Our coverage of London and the surrounding areas has historically been our main focus, and our archive data reflects this. However, more recently we have been expanding our contacts across the whole of the UK. If you are a commercial property estate agent, please get in touch with us for more details of how to get your properties listed on our database.

How far back does your archive of properties go?

We started entering property details into our database back in 1996.

How can I get my properties listed on your database?

You can send your PDF brochures directly to our Data Entry team by e-mail – dataentry@cpd.co.uk. Alternatively, if you have a website or data feed, we may be able to set up an automated synchronisation mechanism. If so, please send further details of your website or feed to support@cpd.co.uk.